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Join the Elementals on their FIRST adventure!

After stealing the legendary Mystic Item, the Orange Scepter, android gone wrong A.G. brought the entire Redd Continent to its knees in the name of the long disbanded Pru Empire. By taking over three of the continent’s six countries, her title as Android Goddess seems pretty set in stone. Unfortunately for her, there are five things standing between her and total domination of the planet Colorius.

Young Elementals De, M, Rod, and Mo have been training their divine ability to control the elements just for this. Along with their brilliant engineering friend Don they are the only thing keeping A.G. from destroying their world. Join the five as they travel all across their home continent fighting A.G.’s androids and each other as they try to save their world. Can they do it, or will the Age of Redd end with them?

Critics Agree, Legend of the Orange Scepter is a great read! 

The most amazing thing about this novel is it allows the reader to see African Americans in a different light. These four, nerdy, brainy, and quirky kids are superheroes in every sense of the word. Parents will love this book because there is so much diversity and acceptance in the group of friends, which will teach a valuable lesson. The author managed to capture the teenagers’ personal lives in the mix of all the adventure, which was a great attention keeper in between all the adventures. […] This is a recommended read for all cultures, races, and ages.

                                                                    -Revues Galore, www.kanepresents.com

It’s very difficult to write Young Adult fiction. The difficulty only increases when you add elements of science fiction and fantasy to the mix. M. Haynes, a Mississippi native, accomplishes this feat handily. […] While the personalities of the lead characters are sometimes sketches, the strength of the novel is Haynes’ ability to move the story along. He loves action and confrontation. Witness this: “The Silver Man and Master Rackson were in a dead beat battle on the first floor. The Silver Man was busy trying to smash Master Rackson with one of his hands currently shaped like a mallet, but the surprisingly nimble spell caster dodged every swing.” Impassioned, exciting, and well-conceived, the novel is a marvelous achievement.

-Robert Fleming, African-American Literary Book Club (AALBC)

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