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The Elementals are BACK and ready to save the world again!

It’s been two years since De, M, Rod, Mo, and Don defeated the android dictator A.G. Since then the heroes have had to adjust to their new fame and the new members of their team, all the while doing what they can to keep their world safe. The biggest threat to their world has been Samantha and Kevon Prudence, the ones who made A.G. into a killing machine in the first place.

Unfortunately for the Elementals, the Prudence kids are resourceful and have a few different tricks up their sleeves to keep the Elementals off their game. Join them as they face new obstacles and learn new information about themselves and their world, all in hopes of defeating their enemies before they enact their final plan: bringing back A.G.

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M. Haynes continues his intricate storytelling streak by creating teachable moments coupled with rich words. Haynes’s writing is needed – no required. In a world where people with brown skin are overlooked as heroes and contributors to society, M. Haynes delivers a refreshing alternative. 

While you and I might bet on our natural talents, the Elementals have to return to faith. The second installation of the series calls for G5 to reach beyond their sight; sometimes strong feelings can lead them, and us, to great achievements.  Return of A.G. is a journey to G5’s higher calling and independence. G5 can choose the easy way out but will that be enough to save Redd continent? G5 learns to cast aside naysayers regardless of family, friend, or foe to prove to themselves and to Redd Continent that age ain’t nothin’ but a number. 

We were given a power. Now we gotta use it.

-Kayla Echols, www.kallyne.com

One of the best aspects of the Return of A.G. is the characters. The Elementals are known as generation five and are mainly a group of teenage superheroes with the power of the elements. Other characters include magical Elementals that serve as allies to the core group of Elementals, the adult mentors of the Elementals known as The Racksons, and the Elementals antagonists, The Prudence Kids. Together, these characters bring diversity, action, and adventure to a fun story. In addition to the characters themselves, their relationships with each other were woven into the story well. Through these different relationships, we see the characters learn get to know each other better and ultimately become stronger as a team. Return of A.G. is a fun adventure that kids and adults alike will enjoy. The diverse cast of characters and their awesome powers are sure to pique the interest of any superhero fan. If you need a good superhero read that isn’t a comic book, then give the Return of A.G. a try.

-Latonya Pennington, www.blacksci-fi.com

Wow! What an exciting read! I’m not a huge fan of this genre usually, but the author does an incredible job of pulling readers into the story in just the first pages. Readers care deeply about the heroes and silently cheer that they will accomplish their goal to keep humankind safe from A.G. This book also is strong in that it celebrates people of color and reinforces the belief that heroes can be ANYONE—any color, any gender, any race, etc. The book is a true page-turner and is hard to put down. If I were to suggest any improvements—and this is a very minor criticism—I would just make absolutely sure to be showing the reader all that is happening, not just telling. It doesn’t happen all that often in the book, but the few times it does stand out, because the rest of the novel is strong. Can’t wait to see what else comes from this author!

-Judge, Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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