About the Author

M. Haynes was born in Memphis, TN but grew up in the Heart and Soul of the Mississippi Delta: Greenville, MS. Growing up he developed a love of reading and writing, especially fantasy stories, which led him to create his own. He spent much of his life so enamored with fantasy that he studied the genre and several of its works in literature, film, television, and video game form.

A few degrees (including a BA from Alcorn State University) and over twenty years of writing experience later, M. Haynes has set out to produce works that show that fantasy characters don’t have to be blonde haired and blue eyed, straight, male, or any of the above to be considered “good”. M. Haynes hopes that his works will show a more nuanced version of people of color in fantasy worlds, maybe even encouraging children of color to learn the value of reading.

In addition to being a skilled author, M. Haynes is also a passionate and award winning educator and a dedicated and prolific scholar. Learn more about M. Haynes at his personal website, www.mhaynes.org.