About the Series

Everyone has the elements to be a hero

The Elemental series is the YA science fantasy series by the author M. Haynes. The series follows the adventures of a group of teens called the Elementals. Each Elemental has different powers and personalities, but must work together in order to protect their world from whoever or whatever threatens it. The Elementals are by nature a diverse group: the cast spans racial, gender, sexuality, age, and ability differences and each character has different “elements” that they contribute to the team. Their experiences, their powers, their personalities, their prospectives, and even their identities all make them powerful individually, but together they are unstoppable.

Currently, there are two books in the series, Legend of the Orange Scepter and Return of A.G., but the series is far from over.

In Legend of the Orange Scepter Elementals De, M, Rod, Mo, and the brilliant engineer Don face the evil android A.G. who rules Colorius in the name of the Pru Empire. To do so, they must reclaim from her the powerful weapon the Orange Scepter. According to legend, the Orange Scepter is a powerful Mystic item capable of giving its wielder great power, and with it A.G. poses a threat to the entire world. Join the heroes as they work to reclaim Colorius from A.G.’s metal clutches.  

In Return of A.G. new Elementals Jas, Lucas, Kiara, Jay, and Alex join De, M, Rod, and Mo as they try to track down the elusive Prudence kids. Samantha and Kevon Prudence are responsible for turning A.G. into a homicidal agent for the Pru Empire, and now the two of them want nothing more than to bring the Empire back themselves. The nine Elementals will have to avoid the Prudence kids’ tricks and become an even stronger team to stand a chance of stopping them from enacting their final plan: bringing back A.G.