Fan Stuff

Below are some submissions from fans of the #Elemental series, Fan Fiction, Fan Art, and more! Want to get featured here? Send your art and/or stories to and you might get posted and promoted here!

LotOS Fan Fiction

“The Last Entry” by Gabrielle Brown (the final diary entry of Amber from Center City)

“Rockdale’s Hero” by Estefania Solis (the story of Margot, the girl who takes on A.G.)

“Painting for What You Believe In” by Rumaisa Khan (the story of an artistic family empowering the world around them with their work)

“The Phone Call” by Logan Cartwright (a story about the relationship between two boys in Rockdale)

“Crumbling Center City” by Stephanie Perea (A closer look at what the Elementals did in Center City)

“The Treehouse that Changed It All” by Maighread Lutz (the story of a romance between Rod and a Black City young woman)

“The Dream” by Garry Mason (De has a dream of the family that he never had)