Below is an ever expanding list of features, interviews, podcasts, and just overall promotion I have done about the Elemental series. Check them out!

Alcorn Alumnus Feature

My first ever feature came from my beloved Alcorn State University. Here I talked about the release of Legend of the Orange Scepter and why creating such a book was important to me. 

National Black Book Festival ’15 Interview

At my first ever festival, I was asked a few questions by Christina Lockett. I think I did pretty well as a first time vendor.  What do you think? 

Watch the interview HERE!

Kallyne Interview

In my first published interview, I did a three part series for Kallyne. We talked about my work thus far, the importance of speculation, and how all of these things help to cultivate the generation after us. 

Constance Burris’ Blog Feature

During Black Speculative Fiction Month 2016, I was interviewed by fellow Black Speculative Fiction author Constance Burris for her author feature series. Burris’s series of blogs feature some amazing authors, and I was honored to be among them!

Read the short feature HERE!

Genesis Science Fiction Radio Interview

In March 2017 I did a two-hour radio show interview for Genesis Science Fiction Radio. As a Black owned and operated radio show, we talked a lot about creating opportunities for Black creatives, our individual processes, and of course in depth about the Elemental series.

Tri-State Defender Feature

One of my visits to the National Black Book Festival earned me a fan from Memphis, TN, so I was able to do a feature for one of the prominent Memphis newspapers in return! Phyllis Dixon was able to put me in the lineage of great Black authors, and for that I’m grateful! 

Audio Review of “New Elements”

After Black Power: A Superhero Anthology was released, Steve and Rodney of Microphones of Madness did an audio review of the anthology and all its stories. In this edition of that review, they talk about my contribution, “New Elements”. They were able to compare my story to many greats in the comic and superhero world, and for that I’m grateful!

Listen to the review HERE! (My section starts at 34:00)

The Beat on Creation Interview

At BlerDCon 2017, I was interviewed by Erika Cristie about the Elemental series. We talked about Legend of the Orange Scepter, the purpose behind the series, and of course a little bit on Return of A.G. Check it out below! 

Watch the interview HERE

Black Authors Matter Feature

I was recently featured on Black Authors Matter’s official Facebook page. The page (and their official website) are all about showing Black authors all over the Metro ATL area and the greater world. Check out the feature below!

Read the feature HERE!

WDSV Interview

I went back to Greenville, MS this year and I had the opportunity to be interviewed on another radio program, this time at 91.9 WDSV, a community owned and run radio station that highlights people and events in the Mississippi Delta. This one was especially important to me not just because it was at home, but also because I was interviewed by one of my former teachers! 

Watch a video of the interview HERE!

Talk About It Tuesday Review 1

The great people at Black Science Fiction Society did a video review of Legend of the Orange Scepter where they talked about the good, the not so good, and the funny of the debut novel of the Elemental series.

Listen to the review HERE!

Popcorn Rattle Feature

At Blerdcon 2018 I was interviewed by Marcus Salley of Popcorn Prattle to discuss creativity, inclusion, and the need for GOOD representation. 

Listen to the podcast HERE! (My section starts at 21:00)

Write On! Podcast Interview

In August 2018 I was interviewed by Farai Caldwell of the Atlanta African American Book Festival for his Write On! Podcast. We talked about the Elemental series, my beginning as a writer, and my work as a teacher. Check it out!

Watch the interview HERE!

Talk About it Tuesdays Review 2

The great people at the Black Science Fiction Society gave the second book in the Elemental series, Return of A.G., the review treatment in this video. Check out the review and see if it matches your experience.

Watch the review HERE!

Blerdcon 2019 Interview

The third annual Blerdcon gave me the opportunity to sit down with the Urban Guru channel and talk about my journey as an author. We got to discuss my beginnings, personal challenges, and my advice for new authors.

Watch the interview HERE!

Eleven Questions Interview

To help promote the Terminus: Tales of the Black Fantastic from the ATL anthology, I answered eleven questions for MV Media, the publisher of the anthology. The questions are all bout my process, my writing, and of course my contribution to Terminus.

Read the interview HERE!