An image of the android dictator A.G.

Real Name: Adrienne

Age: Three Months (but is built to appear in her 30s)

Activation Date: 16th day of Redd 2, XX00 (5/16/00)

Vitals: Height: 5’8 Build: Athletic

Power(s): Lasers (very powerful concussive or piercing laser blasts), Super Strength (strength levels high above that of even a peak level human), Enhanced Endurance and Agility (speed and stamina levels high above that of even a peak level human) , High A.I. (able to carefully plan and react intelligently enough to rival high levels of human intellect)

Adrienne is the first of the Guardroids, a set of androids designed to be body guards, security, police, and any manner of “muscle” but look unintimidating enough to be overlooked. Prof. Peters’ most recent invention was created to protect the president of Grandia, but instead of protecting the president she murdered him and countless others on her journey to take over roughly half of Redd Continent. Thanks to her high level of power and the army of androids like her she has created, it will be quite a task for anyone to overthrow this mechanical dictator before she expands her rule over the entire planet.

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