An image of A.G.'s henchman Del

Real Name: Delico Rodriguez

Age: 15

Birthdate: 13th day of Redd 2, X985 (6/13/85)

Vitals: Height: 5’7 Build: Slightly Toned

Power(s): Teleportation (ability to instantly transport himself and those touching him across vast distances), Power Blasts (ability to fire concentrated blasts of kinetic energy)

Del is a young henchman of A.G. who hails from the Underground Kingdom. It is unknown exactly why he works for A.G., but as a trusted and high level henchman he is afforded liberties and knowledge that very few others possess; one of them being control of the underground prison where A.G. holds her few prisoners. He will also do whatever it takes to stay on A.G.’s good side, even if that means using his mastery of kinetic energy to take down those who oppose her.

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