The Racksons

An image of the veteran Elementals The Racksons

Real Names: Matthew Rackson Sr. and Rose Rackson

Ages: Master Rackson: 44 Rose Rackson: 42

Birthdates: Master Rackson: 16th day of Golde 3, X955 (12/16/55) Rose Rackson: 15th day of Redd 1, X958 (4/15/58)

Vitals: Master Rackson: Height: 6’1 Build: Sturdy Rose Rackson: Height: 5’8 Build: Toned

Powers: Master Rackson: Hex Magic (ability to magically affect the powers of others, and limited access to various magical spells) Rose Rackson: Astronomical Manipulation (ability to absorb energy from the sun and use it to make her more powerful; as well as control of her own gravitational field)

Matthew Rackson Sr. and his younger sister Rose Rackson are two members of the fourth generation of Elementals, nicknamed Generation Immortal. Following Generation Immortal’s many adventures, the two all but retired and live out their days with their children in their grandparents’ manor. All that changed when young Elemental-to-be Maurice Black came knocking at their door. They agreed to teach him only because he was persistent, swearing that this was to be a one time thing. Then of course Rod ended up with them two weeks after M developed his powers, Mo came calling two months after that, and De showed up unexpectedly almost three months into A.G.’s reign, turning the “one time thing” into training an entire generation for adventures just as dangerous and necessary as the ones they went on decades ago.

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