An image of Fire Elemental De

Real Name: Derren Lee

Age: 14

Birthdate: 9th day of Sylver 1, X986 (1/9/86)

Vitals: Height: 5’9 Build: Slightly Toned

Power(s): Pyrokinesis (ability to create and control fire)

Derren Lee, better known as De, was the latest teen to join the fifth generation of Elementals. De spent much of his childhood bouncing from family members, to an orphanage, to an older foster family, with despair following him each time. His rough first encounter with fellow Elemental Mo was no different, but luckily for him he was recruited to join the team instead of put back out on his own. Despite having only been with the team for about two weeks, De uses his boldness and his ability to think under pressure just as much as his fire-based powers to help his friends in anyway he can, even if that means facing down A.G. herself.

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