An image of the technological genius Don

Real Name: Donald Henton

Age: 16

Birthdate: 12th day of Redd 3, X984 (6/12/84)

Vitals: Height: 5’8 Build: Heavyset

Power(s): High Intellect (advanced knowledge of technology and a few sciences to provide the ability to quickly engineer complex machines and manipulate pre-made ones)

Donald Henton always knew he was different. While his friends were all caught up talking about sports and girls; he was busy playing video games and inventing his first robot at the age of 11. So when his family moved to Rumas and he met Morgan Peters, the two outcasts immediately bonded and became the best of friends. Don was the first person Mo told about his new Elemental powers and the person to convince him to go to the Racksons once A.G. went rogue. Don had but one request: to join Mo and learn more about the Elementals himself. Luckily for him, his intellect quickly turned him from tag-along to valued teammate in the fight against A.G.

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