An image of Electric Elemental M

Real Name: Maurice Black

Age: 13

Birthdate: 24th day of Sylver 2, X987 (2/24/87)

Vitals: Height: 5’0 Build: Skinny

Power(s): Electrokinesis (ability to create and control electricity)

Maurice Black is the oldest son of the mayor and first lady of Black City and a direct descendant of the man that founded the city, so it goes without saying that he has usually gets what he wants and needs. The best schools, the best stuff, and the best trainers once his parents realized he was destined to be an Elemental. After a year of studying Elemental history with the Racksons, M’s powers finally developed a few days after his 13th birthday and he became the first official member of the fifth generation of Elementals. According to him, that makes him the one true leader, so he will continue to do all he can to lead his team towards defeating A.G….whether they like it or not.

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