An image of Ice Elemental Mo

Real Name: Morgan Peters

Age: 15

Birthdate: 4th day of Redd 1, X985 (4/4/85)

Vitals: Height: 5’7 Build: Scrawny

Power(s): Cyrokinesis (ability to create and control ice)

Morgan Peters is the son of renowned inventor and educator Henry Peters, and wants nothing more than to become a brilliant man of science like his father. Unfortunately for him he took after his deceased mother instead and developed Elemental powers a few months after his 14th birthday. At first he only told his best friend Donald Henton about them, but when his dad’s latest invention went on a killing spree he was forced to turn to his dad’s old friends, the Racksons, for help. Joining M and Rod as a fellow Elemental may be a new experience for the socially awkward teen, but it’s one he has to get used to in order to clear his dad’s name and bring A.G. down.

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