Take a look at pics and vids from the series!

Official Series Logo

Redd Continent Map 1

Map of Redd Continent (ground level)

Redd Continent Map 2

Map of Redd Continent (above and below ground)

LotOS Logo

Book logo for Legend of the Orange Scepter.

LotOS Book Cover

Cover of Legend of the Orange Scepter

LotOS Heroes

Though any given generation of Elementals has up to ten members, the fifth generation begins with four: De, M, Rod, and Mo. Together they must reclaim their world from the dictator A.G.

LotOS Villains

A.G., the android dictator, is not alone in her quest to control Colorius in the name of the Pru Empire. She is aided by an army of androids and robots and two powerful generals: Del and the mysterious Silver Man.

LotOS Promo #1

De, M, Rod, Mo, and Don after having captured Larry the “smart” android.

LotOS Promo #2

M, Rod, and Mo facing off with one of the dreaded Battle Robots.

RoA.G. Logo

Book logo for Return of A.G.

RoA.G. Book Cover

Cover of Return of A.G.

First Four

As the team expands, De, M, Rod, and Mo earn a distinction for being the original members and the four to defeat A.G.

New Recruits

In the two years since A.G.’s defeat, five new Elementals have joined the “first four”. Meet them in Return of A.G.!

RoA.G. Promo #1

The Battle Robots have returned! Its up to new Elementals Kiara, Lucas, and Alex to stop it!

RoA.G. Promo #2

Rod and Jay, two former leaders of the Heat Boyz, unite now as fifth generation Elementals!