An image of Chaos Elemental Alex

Real Name: Alexandria Johnson

Age: 17

Birthdate: 8th day of Bleu 1, X985 (7/8/85)

Vitals: Height: 5’9 Build: Slender

Power(s): Charm Magic (ability to mimic basic elemental abilities and cast mid-level magic spells)

“The Spellcaster Extraordinaire” is the newest addition to the fifth generation of Elementals. Despite her relatively young age Alex has been able to make a name for herself as a performer by using her magical abilities to entertain the wealthy people of Grandia. It was the Racksons, or more specifically Lucas Rackson, who approached Alex about leaving behind the life of fame to use her abilities to help them stop the Prudence kids. After much convincing, Alex took Lucas up on his offer and joined G5. She now brings her ever growing magical skill to the team and uses her powers for true heroism, but she readily admits how much she misses the spotlight.

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