An image of the Fire Elemental De

Real Name: Derren Lee

Age: 16

Birthdate: 9th day of Sylver 1, X986 (1/9/86)

Vitals: Height: 6’0 Build: Toned

Power(s): Pyrokinesis (ability to create and control fire)

After he and his team defeated A.G., De was rewarded with life changing opportunities. He was moved to Black City, given his own house, and put in Black City High in the same grade as fellow Elementals M and Jas. In the two-year gap De has become more invested in his duties as his generation’s leader, and that includes finding the Prudence kids and doing whatever it takes to bring them to justice. Unfortunately for his team, however, that whatever often includes a lot of questionable missions…

Click HERE to see De from Legend of the Orange Scepter

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