An image of the Air Elemental Jas

Real Name: Jasmin Reno

Age: 15

Birthdate: 27th day of Redd 2, X987 (5/27/87)

Vitals: Height: 4’10 Build: Plus Sized

Power(s): Aerokinesis (ability to control air currents)

After having to stay behind while her big brother saved the world from A.G., Jas discovered her own latent Elemental abilities when she “accidently” knocked over a boy that was harassing her. Jas was the first new Elemental to join the team and started working with them almost immediately after they defeated A.G. Even after Rod abandoned the team, Jas stayed around to have a little more fun with her new friends and new abilities. After all, where else could she go to make regular trips across the continent wrecking androids and stopping criminals?

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