An image of the Light Elemental Kiara

Real Name: Kiara Evanay

Age: 15

Birthdate: 24th day of Golde 3, X986 (12/24/86)

Vitals: Height: 5’8 Build: Petite

Power(s): Light Magic (ability to cast high level magical spells with light properties), Healing Magic (ability to magically heal minor injuries using one’s primary ability)

Kiara first met the Elementals when she was tasked with interviewing them for the newspaper she interned for. Excited to meet the heroes who saved their world, she left her home in the Sky Nation to spend a few days interviewing each Elemental. A month or so later, she discovered her own Elemental powers and couldn’t wait to tell the others. Since Kiara and her family live their lives by the religious Commands of the Mystics, the opportunity to save and protect the world was all she needed to convince them all to move to the Great Lands so that she could fulfil what she sees as her divine purpose.

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