An image of the Morph Elemental Lucas

Real Name: Lucas Rackson

Age: 18

Birthdate: 3rd day of Redd 2, X984 (5/3/84)

Vitals: Height: 6’3 Build: Lanky

Power(s): Metamorphosis (ability to change the shape and size of his body parts at will), Elasticity (ability to stretch various limbs to unnatural lengths)

After his time working for the enemy, Lucas Rackson has now officially joined G5 as their resident Morph Elemental. Master Rackson’s oldest son has an uneasy relationship with both his father and his teammates, but he remains a valuable ally because of both his age and his versatile abilities. However, working in a team is a new experience for Lucas, so it will definitely take some getting used to for him to be the team player everyone wants him to be. It’s a good thing he has a few good friends to help him along the way.

Click HERE to see Lucas in Legend of the Orange Scepter (CAUTION! SPOILERS!)

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