An image of the Electric Elemental M

Real Name: Maurice Black

Age: 15

Birthdate: 24th day of Sylver 2, X987 (2/24/87)

Vitals: Height: 5’3 Build: Skinny

Power(s): Electrokinesis (ability to create and control electricity)

Fame couldn’t really change someone who already felt famous, so M remains the same cocky and sure person he has always been. Even though he has accepted the fact that De is the leader of the generation now, he still has no problem pointing out when he messes up, and with De’s new determination to find the Prudence kids the mess ups are frequent. M now acts even more as a sort of Elemental historian; never missing the chance to talk about Colorius lore or remind the newer members that it was he that first trained with the Racksons and he that is the original member of G5.

Click HERE to see M in Legend of the Orange Scepter

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