Minor Characters


After successfully helping the Elementals destroy A.G.’s factories and the android dictator herself, Don was rewarded handsomely. He was given a laboratory to continue his inventions and more recognition for his brilliant mind than he ever thought possible. Don’s greatest reward, however, was quite possibly a relationship with his best friend, Mo. Together they were able to support each other through hard times, but it seems as if they are headed to even worse times that will take all of Don’s intelligence to get them through.


Not even near death could take out the crown prince of the Underground Kingdom. Now that the threat to his land has (for the most part) passed Del is able to get back to his other prince-ly duties like learning how to run a country. Even with all of his responsibilities Del has continued to help the Elementals, using his country’s resources and helping out himself when possible. His friendship with Lucas has also made him a trusted ally to the Elemental cause.


The Android Goddess modeled after Adrian Gregory was finally stopped by the combined efforts of the Elementals De, M, Rod, and Mo. Following her deactivation her nearly indestructible body was hidden in a far corner of Redd Continent, never to be touched again. Unfortunately, it seems that the Prudence siblings are back to their old tricks and want to reactivate A.G., only this time with a few new upgrades…

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