An image of the Ice Elemental Mo

Real Name: Morgan Peters

Age: 17

Birthdate: 4th day of Redd 1, X985 (4/4/85)

Vitals: Height: 5’8 Build: Skinny

Power(s): Cyrokinesis (ability to create and control ice)

Once his father was cleared of all charges, Mo’s life was able to return to normal. Or at least as normal as an Elemental life could be. Over the two-year break Mo learned many things about himself, from the fact that he no longer wanted to be an engineer like his father to the fact that he and Don were made for each other. However, the pressures of balancing school, Elemental life, and a love life have proven difficult for Mo, and unfortunately both he and Don are casualties of their growing differences.

Click HERE to see Mo in Legend of the Orange Scepter

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