The Prudences

An image of the heirs to the Empire, the Prudence siblings

Real Names: Samantha Prudence and Kevon Prudence

Ages: Samantha Prudence: 33 Kevon Prudence: 29

Birthdates: Samantha Prudence: 2nd day of Golde 3, X968 (12/2/68) Kevon Prudence: 17th day of Bleu 3, X972 (9/17/72)

Vitals: Samantha Prudence: Height: 5’4 Build: Slender Kevon Prudence: Height: 6’1 Build: Toned

Powers: Samantha Prudence: Charm Magic (ability to cast low level magic spells) Kevon Prudence: Technological Prowess (vast knowledge of machinery and technology due to advanced education) ?? (Kevon has demonstrated other abilities, but their origin and limits are currently unknown)

The Prudence Kids Samantha and Kevon have been a constant threat to the Elementals’ and the world’s safety ever since they reprogrammed A.G. two years ago. Their obsessive desire to see their parents’ empire return to prominence has led them to create a tyrannical killing machine, an army of her followers, and now to challenge the Elementals themselves. Unfortunately for the Elementals, however, things are not exactly as they seem and the Prudences have many more tricks up their sleeves than anticipated. It will take the combined efforts of all nine Elementals to put a stop to the Pru Empire once and for all and bring Samantha and Kevon to justice.

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