The Racksons

An image of veteran Elementals Matthew and Rose Rackson

Real Names: Matthew Rackson Sr. and Rose Rackson

Ages: Master Rackson: 46 Rose Rackson: 44

Birthdates: Master Rackson: 16th day of Golde 3, X955 (12/16/55) Rose Rackson: 15th day of Redd 1, X958 (4/15/58)

Vitals: Master Rackson: Height: 6’1 Build: Sturdy Rose Rackson: Height: 5’8 Build: Toned

Powers: Master Rackson: Hex Magic (ability to magically affect the powers of others, and access to various mid-level magical spells) Rose Rackson: Astronomical Manipulation (ability to absorb energy from the sun and use it to empower oneself and offer limited control of one’s own gravitational field)

Both Matthew Sr. and Rose Rackson have essentially retired from Elemental work now that G5 has grown so much. They still serve as teachers for the young Elementals, with Master Rackson giving them lectures about Elemental history and Rose serving as battle coordinator, but for the most part they stay in Rackson Manor only stepping in when absolutely necessary. This is probably for the best, as with their youngest children getting older it’s time for them to serve as parents rather than heroes. Even with their more hands off roles, however, their affiliation with the newest generation of Elementals is well known, and for better or for worse they are a part of the greater Elemental team.

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